Hooked on Soft Plastic Worms


1. Curly Tail Worms

2. Finesse Worms

3. Straight Tail Worms

The bait that you most likely used when you started bass fishing. You didn’t really know what you were doing with them so they produced once in a while. Then you start to learn all these new and complex baits. The worms stay at the bottom of your box until one day you learn that a worm can do a lot more than you ever imagined. You can Texas rig it, wacky rig it, put it on an Alabama rig, neko rig, use it weightless, put a skirt on it. All these ideas rush to you at once and you don’t even know which one to choose first.  — Well that was my experience at least.

This is when you have to slow down, take in your surroundings and then pick up that “perfect” worm, that “perfect” hook, and make it into the perfect setup for that location. Then you fish it for a while with so much excitement and anticipation and then… nothing. You think to yourself “it’s not the right time and place for this” then you pick up a more familiar bait and pattern. So you blame the worm for your failure. Well that worm didn’t choose where it landed and how it moved itself. The problem is not that it’s the wrong time or place for that worm. You just may not be using the better choice from your selection of worms and you may not be applying the correct technique. Plastic worms can pretty much be used anywhere and at almost anytime and so it is a matter of trial and error for learning the best choice for the moment.

Here are the setups and rigs for soft plastic worms:

  • Dropshot Rig
  • Texas Rig
  • Wacky Rig
  • Neko Rig
  • Ned Rig
  • Shaky Heads

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