Bass Fishing For Dummies – Understanding The Sport

If you are completely new to bass fishing then I suggest you read the following to get an understanding of what the sport has to offer and how you can start. If you are already an experienced bass fisherman I suggest you go and check out my tips and recommendations.

Why Bass Fishing?

Bass Fishing is a worldwide sport simply because it can be done worldwide. You can find different species of bass throughout many countries of the world. So its likely that wherever you live there will be bass to catch around you. Bass fishing has grown a lot and it has become a very competitive sport for those who enjoy competition.

But the thing that separates bass fishing from almost all other forms of fishing is the fact that there are so many ways to catch bass and you can do it in so many environments.

How to Catch Bass – Get In The Mindset

When you first start bass fishing it can easily be frustrating when you’re not yielding results. It can also be overwhelming and confusing when listening to an experienced angler talk about his/her very specific and in-depth techniques when you don’t know the basic principles behind it. This is what loses peoples attention and keeps them back at square 1.

So here are the basic questions a bass fisherman should ask him/herself before heading out to the water:

    • Is it Sunny or Overcast
    • How windy is it (extreme wind effects how you can fish)
    • what is the water temp (test water temp once you reach the body of water)
    • am I in a High pressure system or Low pressure system
    • Am I going to target Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted bass
    • Was there recently or is there currently a cold front / warm front

All of those questions can affect what goes on the end of you line and where you cast out that line. This is how:

Sunny vs. Overcast

  • Sunny: sun usually pushes the bass back and in the vegetation, under docks, down deep
  • Overcast: can draw the bass back out from the vegetation, docks, and into shallower water


  • Windy: high winds usually causes you to increase the weight on any bait you may be using to maintain sensitivity due to the wind pushing your line into a curve (bend), therefore decreasing overall sensitivity. High winds also can push zooplankton and other small fish which the panfish feed on WHICH bass feed on. So this means on windy days try go to where the wind is pushing the water ex. if the wind is blowing north then fish the north end of the body of water for the possibility of more bass.
  • Calm: calm water is nice because you can size down you gear using lighter line, baits, weights and still having the sensitivity you need. Fish can be more finicky on calm days too so using some of the smaller presentations can be key.

Water Temp

  • Water Temp: you can compare this to people; when its warm outside people usually like to spend time outside vs. when its cold people want to stay inside. The same goes with bass and that’s always something to be aware of. water temperature is primarily controlled by the seasons but can quickly change for short periods if time due to warm fronts, and cold fronts:

Warm Fronts vs. Cold Fronts

  • Warm Fronts: a warm front will warm the surface temperature of the water and potentially bring the bass up shallow
  • Cold Fronts: will cool the surface temperature of the water and may force bass out deep

High Pressure vs. Low Pressure systems

  • High Pressure: if you know you are fishing a high pressure system then know that increased pressure is felt by the bass causing them to become tired and slow (especially in shallow waters)
  • Low Pressure: a low pressure system will have the opposite effect a bass which can be an overall easier day of fishing

Largemouth vs. Smallmouth vs Spotted Bass

  • Largemouth Bass: perhaps the most well-known among bass, a largemouth bass is something worth chasing. They will be savages to get food, and then go defend their territory to the death. They are tough as nails but yet they can feel the presence of a human in the distance. Simply put a Largemouth bass offers so much for anglers to learn and question.

                                                                            Largemouth Bass

  •  Smallmouth Bass: Most agree that a smallmouth bass outsmarts a largemouth bass by nature. If you try to outsmart a smallmouth bass then you better know what your going to trick it with and exactly why your doing so. Smallmouth bass are known for overall staying deeper than largemouth (except during spawn) and so when people go fish for smallmouth they aren’t go to go all the places they would for a largemouth.

                                                                              Smallmouth Bass

  • Spotted Bass: Known as the hybrid bass between a largemouth and a smallmouth, a Spotted bass is usually not the first target for a beginner although they can be caught in many ways

                                                                            Spotted Bass


Know Your: Lures / Baits / Rods / Reels / Other Factors

Here is what I consider the main categories:

  • Crankbaits
  • Jerkbaits
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Chatterbaits
  • Swimbaits
  • Flipping Baits / Creature Baits
  • Worms / Craws / Tubes / Stick Baits
  • Dropshot Rig
  • Carolina Rig
  • Alabama Rig
  • Neko / Wacky Rig
  • Jigs
  • Frogs
  • Poppers
  • Spooks
  • Buzzbaits / Wakebaits
  • Casting Rods
  • Casting Reels
  • Spinning Rods
  • Spinning Reels
  • Line
  • Cover
  • Structure


Choosing Which Lure / Bait To Use

This can sometimes be the hardest decision in bass fishing and just know that there is no perfect bait or lure that shines over all. Instead, there are many types that are each specialized for certain scenarios. Its knowing what bait to pick up in the moment that is key for efficiency and the best results possible.

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Knowing how, when, why, and where to be choosing these baits is very overwhelming when thought about all at once, BUT when you see it layed out one step at a time it makes it a lot easier to understand. So I will be covering every single topic listed above throughout the website, go and check them out and see if you learn something. Even a different perspective can be very helpful with making decisions and creating new ideas.

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